Summit Recap!

For my final blog post I wanted to talk about my experience Interning at YBCA this semester. I was chosen to help out on the social media team for YBCA’s 100 Summit this year. My job was to take over the Instagram story and create a work of art! (I’m a Snapchat master so that … More Summit Recap!


(Alicia Garza– Summit 100 at YBCA) I was excited to write this blog post this week when I found out it was about #BlackLivesMatter because I was actually lucky enough to work at the YBCA Summit 100 this year where Alicia Garza (Creator of the movement for #BlackLivesMatter) was actually one of the Summit 100 … More #BlackLivesMatter

Let’s Have Empathy

After recently having a good friend pass this last week, this next topic hit close to home for me. We are currently studying the empathy movement that surrounds bullying. I have such a strong opinion on this issue because bullying someone seems so impossible for me to do. I don’t understand it; I can’t wrap … More Let’s Have Empathy

Stronger Together

Before this week, I had heard of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement but I had never really understood what it meant. After researching the topic, I came to the understanding that it is a movement that started a few years ago to bridge the income gap between the top 1% and the rest of the … More Stronger Together