YBCA Summit 100 – My Experience



I am really excited to write this blog post because it answers the question that I first proposed when i started this blog when I first came into this class in the beginning of the semester.

I was lucky enough to be chosen to participate as a social media intern for the YBCA Summit 100. Not only was the experience great, but what I took away was even greater.

This is not easy for me to admit, but I lived in SoCal much of my life and have lived in a bubble. In this bubble I have seen many of my friends live great lives and have not personally seen many of the things that have come up on the news. One of the greatest things Berkeley, and this class actually, has shown me is that there is such a different world outside of that bubble. Unfortunately its not as great as being inside of it. However, this was what I asked for in the beginning of this course- to see outside of my bubble.

Interning at the YBCA Summit 100 showed me exactly this.

I worked on the Instagram story for YBCA. I was running around for 12-13 hours nonstop trying to catch every single important moment. This =not only consisted of knowing who was going on at every moment of the day but understanding their story before they spoke so I could caption it “LIVE” and then caption the next moment right away. I used a lot of background and prior research to accomplish this task and I am confident in the work I produced.

I was blessed to have heard some amazing stories and personal experiences that opened my eyes and made me realize that the world around me is not as “OKAY” as I had let myself believe. I got to meet Somi, who’s performance physically moved me. I also got to listen to Alicia Garza, the greater on #BlackLivesMatter, who’s story brought me to tears. The quote I remember most was “Cell phones matter, everything matters- except black lives”. This experience was one that I will never forget and has forever changed me. I learned to look beyond myself, and beyond what is going on around me in my little bubble.

I was lucky enough to be one of the ones who got to experience YBCA’s life changing event’s but do no take my word for it- go yourself. Go visit YBCA and if you are from a bubble you might know exactly what I am talking about! I really believe that everyone should look beyond themselves. The questions and conversations YBCA had that day really penetrate this bubble. I am thankful I got to experience this. I would recommend this to anyone!


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