Summit Recap!


For my final blog post I wanted to talk about my experience Interning at YBCA this semester. I was chosen to help out on the social media team for YBCA’s 100 Summit this year.

My job was to take over the Instagram story and create a work of art! (I’m a Snapchat master so that was the perfect job for me!).

So the day started with a welcome brunch catered by Alice Waters and a wonderful school that taught kids about empathy, organic food and hard work. Let me tell you about the food… WOW. My goodness that was some amazing food! However, what was more important was seeing how these people appreciated the food, the people who made it, the earth, and every aspect of its creation. It’s nice to see people appreciate things so genuinely.

Next there were several performances, speeches, and dances done by some really great people that really opened my eyes to the issue that are going on in the world. My favorites were Somi and Alicia Garza from #BlackLivesMatter. The quote she said that touched me the most was “Cell phones matter, everything matters… except black lives”.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and so happy with the experience I was lucky enough to receive. Thank you to YBCA and the other students who joined me on the social media te4am! I highly recommend going to check out YBCA whenever you can! It’s an amazing place to be!


Character Count: 1,344



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