Tom Sachs at YBCA!

ybca-logo-01b1So I was lucky enough to score two free tickets to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and I wanted to post about my experience! (you guys should go check it out!)

I went to go see Tom Sach’s exhibit and was absolutely blown away! The exhibit I got to experience was “Tom Sachs and his team of astronauts set their sights on the next frontier of space exploration in SPACE PROGRAM: EUROPA.”

So my friend and I got to the museum and the first thing we see is a decked out museum of amazing lights with several people crowding around the exhibit. As we walk in we were greeted with a full intergalactic experience! It was amazing to see someone’s personal take on the world and experience how different they saw things that were so simple. My two favorite parts were the snow that was outside (I assumed this was a representation of the moon) and the continuous display of alcohol hidden throughout each piece. I am so happy that I went and recommend this place for anyone who is thinking of going! I had a blast!

Warning: drinks are expensive, but potent!


Character count: 1,047



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