Let’s Have Empathy

After recently having a good friend pass this last week, this next topic hit close to home for me.

We are currently studying the empathy movement that surrounds bullying. I have such a strong opinion on this issue because bullying someone seems so impossible for me to do. I don’t understand it; I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that someone could voluntarily want to hurt someone else. But it happens, every single day- everywhere.

The Bully Project (http://www.thebullyproject.com) based off the movie “Bully” aims to stop these horrible acts of hatred. The film follows several young kids as they live their lives as victims of intense bullying. It starts off by telling the tragic story of Tyler Long. Tyler was a young boy who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and struggled in social situations. He was the victim of bullying at school where kids would steal his clothes and force him to leave the showers naked, etc. Tyler eventually took his own life by hanging himself in his closet and leaving a note on his bed for his mother to find. This is something that should never happen- nobody should feel so much pain that they feel the only escape is to take their own life. We need to stop this and work together every day to make sure that we don’t let things like this continue around us. To take a stand, I went onto The Bully Project’s website and took a pledge to join the movement against bullying. I urge every single person that reads this blog to go onto the Bully Project website; read, pledge, and maybe even watch the movie. Let’s work together to never make anyone ever feel like Tyler again. Let’s have empathy.


Character count: 1,638







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