A Girl Walks Into a Bar…

In her sparkly heels.. Except it’s not a bar, actually it’s an Info Session about a possible consulting internship.

You know that one thing that your ex gave you that you just can’t seem to throw away.. it’s a part of you… you just can’t let it go…

That letter, that picture, that note…

Just kidding, mine’s a pair of shoes. A tad heartless I know, but hear me out here; They’re these amazing pair of really expensive Swarovski crystal Heels that are so comfortable and amazingly hot. I literally wear them everywhere. Every single outfit that needs heels. They go with everything (or so I thought). So Why not wear them to Recruitment and Info sessions right? WRONG. Let me repeat, WRONG!!! DO NOT wear heels that basically outshine your resume and your personality- you’ll look unprofessional and honestly not mature enough to handle a big-girl internship/job.

So after wearing those to a few info sessions, interviews, and case workshops, my career counselor spread some info on my mind after reading my resume. “You look like the party girl, but you’re not”. Then he carefully tiptoed around saying “buy some shorter heels without a thousand rhinestones”.

So how can you look professional without completely killing your style… and your wallet?

Well, after doing a lot of research, I came up with a few style icons that I wanted to emulate.

Olivia Pope

Jackie O. Kennedy

Lilly Pulitzer

The best places to shop for clothes like these ladies that won’t cost an arm and a leg are:

  • H&M
  • The Limited
  • The LOFT
  • White House | Black Market (sometimes)
  • Rent the Runway

It’s easy to get the essentials and then build with bolder pieces, reusing the black slacks or the navy suit jacket. Charming Charlie is a great place to buy accessories that make an outfit as well as the smaller pieces like a simple pearl necklace that can go with almost any outfit when working with clothes like this. All of these outfits are under $50 and some you can reuse some of the pieces. (Exception: Outfit with White Short Coat)

P.S. Maybe one day I’ll post a picture of those amazing rhinestone heels ha ha.

So my next #TipForUpcomingTransfers :

Don’t wear heels with sparkles in the Business world (:




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