About Me! Featuring The First #TipForUpcomingTransfers

I stuff my boxes in my car with my two people on July 2nd. I call them my people because the word ‘friend’ just doesn’t do them justice. Marissa has to go to work and Alex and I have to stuff everything in my car before the traffic starts on my 7 hour drive from Huntington Beach to Berkeley. You know those moments when you know a cliché moment is coming but you get all emotional anyways- even though you know you look, dare I say ‘basic af’. Yeah, that was this moment. I snapchatted my last time closing my apartment door- I #WhiteGirlCan’tEven.

The apartment I had bought with my best friend of 16 years. The first apartment we ever bought, that was now being passed along to two other girls.


Flash forward to mid-September; I sit in my lovely little room In my amazing little house on Greek row in Berkeley (of course I accidentally ended up here.. to tempt me every day right?) Cool. Sweet. Much Awesome.

Kidding, It’s actually very much awesome. I love it here and I love my housemates—Shout out to Patty Cedric and Aamirah. I’m pretty sure Cedric’s roommate hates me though cause he won’t ever hug me.. or I smell. Who knows. But really, I got lucky here. I have a 55 inch TV, a mini fridge that is almost as big as me (not hard to do since i’m so short), a Keurig, and some pretty spiffy décor—shout out to my room’s decorator! (Ha ha, me). Aside from my ever-present sarcasm, there’s not much else. I own a charity, go to Haas, my parents are divorced- the usual. (Love you Mom and Dad).

At the end of the day, I’m proud to be a bear and thankful for all the amazing people I have met being at Berkeley so far. And it’s just the beginning! Wow. It’s hard to get your personality out there in 350 words but I think I did a decent job.

With each post I’m going to do a Tip of the day for upcoming transfer students, so here’s the first one!


While in community college spend time practicing your networking skills. Networking with older students and alumni becomes very important so you’ll want to have those social and communication skills ready to go. Start reading up on current events, read about successful companies and ones that failed and form some opinions. Be able to hold conversations and make personal connections- it matters.


Taylor Weiss



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