You can put the girl in Berkeley… can you put Berkeley in the girl?

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Hello blog world!

My name is Taylor and I am a ripe twenty-one years old from the sunny state of California (southern California that is- where the sun actually does shine). I am a recent transfer into the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley- you can imagine the transition up here has been quite a culture-shock for me! However, I’m finding myself slowing falling in love with the community that surrounds this remarkable campus. Speaking of community, the town of Berkeley is known for;

  1. Being the home of the oldest University in the UC system. (#3 in the world– go bears!)
  2. Being incredibly politically active. (i.e. The Free Speech Movement, etc.)

In light of the new and exciting culture I am slowly being immersed in, I wanted to take you on my journey these next two years through this blog! (Okay, okay; I may be taking a class on social movements through social media, and yes this blog may be our assignment- you caught me.) Nevertheless, I am fully committed to writing for this blog even when this class is over.

What I’m hoping to get out of this:

  1. I hope to discover a new part of myself that I didn’t get the chance to find in southern California. The culture in Berkeley is vastly different and the diversity seeps through every conversation with every person I meet here. I am hoping that at the end of these two years I am able to understand and connect with values and beliefs that I might have been closed off to or didn’t understand before being here.
  1. Through blogging about my thoughts on social movements through its most prominent figure (social media); I am hoping that I am politically, religiously, morally, and ethically challenged so that I can open my eyes to opinions that differ from mine. I want to listen. I want to knock down what I know and create a stronger foundation giving me the ability to defend my beliefs with the power and passion that so many around me do, here. That is, with logical reasons instead of emotions or circular reasoning.
  1. I want to create a place that community college students can go to read about what goes on and what it’s like at the place they’re working hard to get to. (Whether that’s Berkeley or just a 4-year University). That information being from someone that was just in their shoes a few months ago.
  1. Lastly, I want to document these amazing two years I’m lucky enough to have at this incredible institution.

Taylor Weiss


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